1. Minimally invasive dentistry
Prevention, remineralization and only performing the least amount of dentistry that is necessary are what minimally invasive dentistry is all about. Additionally, we believe in the long term success of the treatment we do. We keep this in mind when planning your treatment and choosing the materials and laboratories. We are committed to this from start to finish. Our patients value that Dr Munz takes a conservative approach to their oral health with a long term success in mind.

2. Prevention & Education
We want you to understand what we do and why we do it. As much as we can do at the six month oral health screening and cleanings, oral hygiene is a team effort. When talking about prevention and education, we mean it! Our patients value this approach, because oral health and prevention is not a cookie cutter solution. Dental care affects your teeth and your body affects your oral health. Many value that we incorporate many aspects of your life such as any habits (good or bad) your age, lifestyle, medication, stress, etc. to find a solution that works for each patient.

Young parents
Creating good oral health habits starts very early. We assist young parents teaching their children proper oral hygiene to keep those teeth shiny and healthy for a lifetime. Parents value our caring approach to teaching the little ones when they come in for their first oral hygiene appointment. We take our time and thrive to create a positive experience for the your children.

3. Gentle dental care
Going to the dentist does not have to be pain or stressful. Dr Munz and her team at your smile provide dental services from preventative to restorative with your comfort in mind. We don’t like pain or needles either. So when Dr Munz gives injections or does restorative work we thrive to make this painless and as comfortable as possible. Many patients praise Dr Munz’ ability to give painless injections and performing procedures with no discomfort.

4. Technology
At your smile we thrive to stay abreast the newest advances in technology and dental care. There are things you notice such as intra oral cameras or digital x-rays. This results in less radiation for our patients and provides better and clearer images. There are also many things behind the scenes, such as the dental products, materials and laboratories we use. We use the best quality products and work only work with local trusted laboratories to protect your smile.