Same day dentures in Flemington

With same day dentures and partial dentures we offer you the opportunity to get your denture or partial denture in one setting. We have an in house lab right here in Flemington and a lab technician to work alongside Dr Munz to deliver your denture on the same visit.  This avoids the 4-5 visits often spread over weeks or month. For your convenience we offer the same day denture appointments on weekends. Email us or call (908)782-4521 if you would like to schedule a consultation.

Who qualifies for same day dentures?
Generally speaking patients who already wear dentures, want dentures or lost most of their teeth qualify for the same day procedure. Before we schedule the appointment, Dr Munz will perform an evaluation and develop a treatment plan.  At this point she will also determine if a same day procedure works for you.

How does it work?

Step 1: Consultation
There is an initial consultation prior to the appointment. In this session we perform a thorough evaluation, including taking x-rays, intra oral pictures and develop a treatment plan. We will also determine, if you qualify for the same day procedure.

Step 2: Procedure Day
What procedures the doctors performs is depending on the treatment plan. For those needing extraction, Dr Munz will perform these on this day. For those qualifying for same day dentures, you will walk out with your denture in this visit.

Step 3: Follow up
There is a post op required to make sure you are happy with you smile. We will make adjustments to the denture as necessary.

Taking care of dentures – Here are some useful tips for cleaning and caring for your denture

Don’t drop them – and if you do make sure to always stand over something soft such as a folded towel to avoid the dentures breaking should you drop them.

Brush and rinse – Just like your teeth dentures collect plaque and food. To avoid bacteria growth, bad odors and staining, clean your brushes daily. Just like your teeth, brush thoroughly, but be gentle. We have denture specific tooth brushes in our office and would be happy to go over how to brush them effectively should you have questions. Also, rinse your denture after every meal.
Denture cleaner – hand soap as well as mild dishwashing liquid can be used for cleaning dentures. Items such as household cleaner, bleach and toothpaste are NOT recommended to clean your denture. We recommend products with the seal of acceptance of the American dental Association (ADA).

What to do when not wearing dentures – Your denture needs to keep moist when not wearing it. Keep them in denture cleanser soaking solution or in water. If your denture has metal attachments, please check in with the doctor so we can recommend the best possible way to keep them as the metal can tarnish in soaking solution.